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Friday, October 23, 2009

wut d0 u think??


hye.. me again in my new entry. well this is a reward for me since i've studied for the whole day today...still g0t 1 assignment to be passed up, and 0ne final paper on dis c0ming m0nday. wish me luck! hehehe

well, what i wanna share with u guys today is about men and women. i've read very good infos ( men are from mars and wmen are from venus) that i think it's definitely so true!haha.. u read first. and then leave s0me c0mments. i wud like t0 read dat anyway.. =p

when a women asks ' what's the matter?'

( a man says)
(a woman may says)

"im 0k" or "it's 0k"
"i kn0w something's wrong. wut is it?"

i'm fine
but u seem upset,.let's talk.

it's nothing
i want to help. i know something is bothering u. wut is it?

it's all right.
are y sure? im happy to help u

it's no big deal
but sumthing is upsetting you. i think we shud talk.

it's no problem
but it is a problem. i cud help

these statement (from men) are call 6 c0mm0n abbreviated warning signals..

daripada apa yang aku baca kat dalam buku tu, women are always fikir lagi banyak dari lelaki. bila perempuan ckp it's 0k, actually what she meant is N0T 0K. tapi bile laki cakap it's 0k, then it's OK. sbb tu la women keep asking a l0t of questions even though men say OK sbb for women, Ok means NOT 0K. lelaki plak, bila p0mpuan cakap i'm ok, laki pun biar. padahal p0mpuan dah siap merajuk2 dah sbb laki tu tak tnya apa2 pun. sbb nye laki tu paham bila cakp 0k, then means OK..

so each of you have to understand your partner.. =p

looks like complicated (the way i explain it) but i h0pe u understand what im trying to tell u rite? hee.. if u hv experinces, then u will be m0re understand.. hahaha

that's all f0r n0w..

im g0ing t0 c0ntinue my study..


6 bunga-bunga cOmeL:

♥mўrA♥ said... [reply to comment]
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♥mўrA♥ said... [reply to comment]

hahaa~lwk pon aderr..hee~
btw,guys owez thnk d smple ones..frnkly i sy,i luv d way they r..;)
gurlz,most of 'em cmplicted xsuma..;)
so,,msg2 da klebihan n kekurgn mreka..
tp gurlz aderr lbey sket klebihan dr guys.hehehe ;p

thnx 4 postin' dis.*like it* X))))

btw,all d best 4 comin' test k^^

-m3- said... [reply to comment]

betapa x besnye kalo pompuan tu pun jwb pendek2 gak bile laki jwb pendek, and d conversation will end just like that...huhu
elokla tu girls pk byk, baru balance...cume jgn marah la kalo guys cam x amek tahu, because they r just like that~
and guys pun x leh mrh kalo girls ckp byk utk respon pd satu2 hal, they r just being herself...=)
it's hard not to be angry or sulking, eh? comment on that
*double wink*

~terataibungaindah~ said... [reply to comment]

hahhaa.. agree2.. kal0 x mesti hambar je kn..hehehe

mohd said... [reply to comment]

bukankah hawa itu diciptakan dari tulang rusuk si adam...
a gurl is part of guy..
but while trying to be a part of them, need to be sooo patient..
pertaining to my statement above, ego dan lelaki mmg xdpt nk dipisahkan..honestly..coz i'm also being a guy..n till this time..hehehe..

i admit sometimes bile pmpuam ckp ok, laki pon msti dalam ati respon "ooo, kau ok ekk..ok laaa"
tp kalo pmpuan msti pkir "laen mcm jerk ok dier nie..msti ader sumting wrong"..
n sumtime kami kaum2 laki pkir apa nk jwb kalo gurl tanye ok or x..
mgkin bley jwb "yer sy ok dan tiada apa2 masalah nie..semuanya baik2 saje"..mgkinkah begitu??.. =)

1 main diff between a guy n a guy..
from my experience kayyy..
laki nie his mind tend to think forward while a gurl her mind tend to think just for a such common thing that happen in front of them...
contohnye, kalo ader problem..laki akan pkir tok solve dat problem 4 da future..while gurl akan pkir tok solve dat problem for 4 just a time that problem exist... renung2kan.. =)

~terataibungaindah~ said... [reply to comment]

thanxx 4 the comment..

h0wever it is, like i said, kenalah paham pasangan masing2..

agree girl is part of guy ang guy+ ego xdpt dipisahkan tp jgnlah guy amek kesempatan nk layan eg0 all the time..bukankah pmpuan untuk dilindungi n disayangi?

n ur last statement xsume p0mpuan macam always think to solve prob 4 just a time that prob exist.. n laki pun bukannye sume akan solve prob for the future..
people who solve prob 4 d future are those who independent.. so maybe u, or me or anyone else.. haha thats my 0pini0n..

well thnx again..

perempuan dan lelaki itu sebenarnya saling melengkapi... kan? =)

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