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Saturday, July 25, 2009

---working on webquest ----


this moment, i totally push my self up to finish my group work assignment given by Dr. SYarifah, lec of technology in math subject... she gave us an assignment that must be submitted on this becoming 5th week. what we have to do is to create a webquest on topic that we hv chose before.

so, me n my partner hv chose 'geometry' as our topic. quite hard to create one but finally we got an idea. still travelling, same idea as the seniors before n unluckily also, many of us in the class choose to travel.

huhu... but when she (dr. syarifah) saw our intro page, die xde plak kata kitorg kena buat baru.. cumanye sbb dah ramai buat traveling. huhuhu..sob..sob

"so many of u buat pasal travel.. bosanlah saya..." katanya sambil buat gaya yang masih segar dlm ingatanku..huhu

me as the pembuat wequest tajuk ni, down r sikit. x bestla.. same idea with others. tp xpe. dr. syarifah said, she wants to see our task first.(masa tu belum siap lagi). n now im working on it. hopefully she won't ask us to redo this webquest... x sanggup!!! huhu

sooner when it's ready to be published i will let u all know. so u all cn see our webquest... heee
(* perasan best jerk.. heheh)


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Anonymous said... [reply to comment]

gud lux kak putri

~teratai bunga indah~ said... [reply to comment]


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~love chemistry~

.giRLs DrEaM TEaM.

.giRLs DrEaM TEaM.


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